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Kevin Hart Tour Will Be Coming To A City Near You Get Your Tickets To These 2015 Shows

The world famous comedian Kevin Hart is playing hundreds shows all over the USA. See today’s hottest comedian in his prime, live and in person! His act is 100% brand-new and you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

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The Funny Man’s All New Tour

For anyone who enjoys comedy, you probably know that Kev is one of the biggest comedy stars on the earth today. He’s literally playing hundreds of shows, and one is pretty much guaranteed to be around your area. It wasn’t that long ago that he was just a normal, average comedian, that while funny, couldn’t really draw huge crowd on his own. He is now one of the biggest box office draws in standup comedy.

A big part of this is the feature films which he started in which became very popular. An example of this is his movie “Ride Along”, he was in this film along with the rapper ice cube. This film has made over $100 million since it first came out. Thanks to his smash box office movies, he has risen to the top of the comedy world bolstered by this newfound film popularity. He’s had several movies reach the top 10 in box office sales. Not only is he a top-selling comedian, he’s now an extremely powerful big screen draw with the general public.

One Of The Only Comedians With Platinum Comedy Specials

In addition to the movie that he did with ice cube, he also found success on his own when he brought one of his comedy specials to the big screen. This film was a box office sensation. And it helped propel his career to heights that he previously thought unimaginable. In addition to these big screen hits, he’s also making waves in the DVD world. His DVD entitled seriously funny has already reached platinum status in the number one selling DVD since it was released.

He is calling his new worldwide two were the “What Now? Tour”.

And among the dozens and dozens of cities that he’s going to be visiting, he’s making a special point to make sure to play shows in tons of NBA hometowns. I guess he’s quite a big basketball fan, and wants to make sure that he’s able to catch some of the bigger games while still working on the comedy circuit.

He Can Draw A Crowd Like No Other Comedian Today

His crowds are enormous, and you can practically hear the laughter erupt all the way into the streets. He sold out tons of big shows like the Mohegan Sun Arena. This was during a show that he played on New Year’s Eve, and even this show sold out. When people should be busy spending time with their family during this holiday, they all went out to see the Kevin Hart show!

In addition to box office success, top 10 big-screen films, comedy DVDs, and top-selling comedy tours, he’s also on the cover of many magazines. One of his more recent covers was for the Hollywood reporter. Fans want to know all about Kev since he went big-time, and you can find out a lot about him in their in-depth interview. They talk all about things like what’s going on his personal life, as well as how much money he’s making from all of these successful ventures is a part of.

This Tour Master Still Has Plenty Of Time To Roast Other Celebrities

Kev was recently seen participating in a different picture from the previously mentioned ones. He was one of the presenters at the recent Justin Bieber roast. Where sure that Justin Bieber was more than a bit wary of what Kevin was going to say. With one of the sharpest comedy wits of our generation, Kev could definitely have lampooned this teenage star.

To support his “What Now?” comedy tour, he’s released a brand-new DVD called “Let Me Explain”. This is yet again another one of his newer comedy specials. It also had big success at the theaters. This recent comedy special let the fans and the general public know that he isn’t a standup comedian alone, and he’s definitely here to stay on the big screen.

Arenas Are No Problem For This Comedy Giant

You don’t see many comedians playing in front of the size of crowds that Kev does. They most likely simply don’t have the nerve to preform in these type of situations. Thanks to his vast amount of experience facing these tough, massive crowds, he’s able to get the room, or in some cases the Stadium, on his side using nothing but his raw comedy with as his weapon.

You know the tickets to shows are going to be around for long. His popularity is soaring, and obviously at an all-time high. His comedy DVDs and movies on the big screen alone are going platinum time and time again. If you want to be sure that you can see the Kevin Hart tour, be sure to purchase your tickets ASAP. We were constantly be updating the list of his schedule dates that we mentioned up above. Be sure to bookmark our site and check back for any new shows that might end up being in your neck of the woods.

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